My name is Caroline! I'm from a small town a bit north of NYC, and I've have had a desire to create music from one of my first memories playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door with my sister in the wee hours of the morning. Over time, in part, that has become a reality.


This is a place to showcase the more... 'professional' work I've done.


I want to make music that is unique and fits the moment, the scene. I want to make music that adds to the atmosphere and makes the product better. Something that inspires people to experience it again and again.


Here is some of the music I am most proud of from my most recent efforts!

Sound Design
Space Station 13

SS13 is a game from 2003, built on the BYOND platform. It is a MMO Sandbox where you 'try not to die in space'. You play jobs which you decide on round start, and do your best to keep the station functioning against 'antagonists' The game is split into rounds, and every round the game is reset. If you opt in, every round you have a chance to be an antagonist, someone trying to kill all the crew.

There are many different kind of antagonists, ranging from Shapeshifters to an enemy faction called the Syndicate.

I've made the sound and programmed two project for Goonstation, a SS13 server.

Wraithsounds and Blobsounds


Some of my favorite music was made in the 1970s Progressive Rock movement. Bands that have had a profound influence include: Genesis, Anthony Philips, King Crimson, Van Der Graaf Generator, ELP, Gentle Giant, Etc. My favorite album is The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway!


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